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Lease Finance Options from Oxford Funding

You can purchase all of our equipment using finance. We refer our customers to Oxford Funding who source the best package to suit your requirements. You can call them direct, or we can ask them to call you.

(In the event that you are not a limited company and the cost of the installation is under £25k, then all finance matters must be sorted out direct with Oxford funding as we are not authorised under the FCA to be involved in regulated finance agreements)

Why use finance?

  • ‘Because cash flow is the life blood of every good business’
  • Enables you to buy equipment when you may not have sufficient cash
  • Preserves your working capital and keeps your cash in your bank
  • Matches the correct monthly cost of owning the equipment to your monthly income
  • Enables you to have a regular replacement and upgrade policy
  • Budget with known fixed monthly costs that do not vary if interest rates increase
  • Can enable substantial tax savings
  • Enables you to develop and expand your business without running out of cash

What will it cost?

Oxford Funding are regulated brokers. They will listen to your requirement, check out your credit status, and look for the best (cheapest) package they can find for you. Rates and terms vary, which is why we suggest using a broker to find you the best quote.

Lease Finance Calculator

Total Cost of Equipment:
Number of Years:
Weekly Repayments:£
Monthly Repayments:£
Total Repayments:£
Finance Charge:£

Please note: The figures generated above are for your guidance only. The actual repayment values will be given upon application with Oxford Funding Ltd.

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