Stream A Clean Detergent

Stream a Clean Detergent is made from natural solvents produced from oranges.

Stream a Clean Detergent can be used for a range of different cleaning tasks and can be used on most water washable surfaces.


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  • Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Strong Degreaser
  • Cleans all surfaces & Floors
  • High Concetrate
  • Fresh Citrus Fragrance
  • 5 Litres

Uses: Removes Tar, Ink, Polish, Grease, Oil, Wax & adhesives. Stream a Clean Detergent can be used on most water washable surfaces including Glass, Formica, Ceramics, Terrazzo, Most Metals, Plastics, GRP & Canvas. it also extremely effective at removing dirt and stains from carpets and fabrics also clothing.

Directions: Fill your Stream a Clean Chamber with neat Stream a Clean Detergent and your Stream a Clean will mix it with water automatically

Light everyday cleaning: dilute upto 1:100 parts warm or cold water

General Cleaning: dilute 1:40 parts warm water

Ink, Grease & Oil removal: dilute 1:20 parts hot water

Heavy duty cleaning: dilute upto 1:10 parts Hot water


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