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Gum Ranger Challenger Gum Removal Machine

The World’s First Battery Operated Gum Removal Machine

Never has a gum removal machine been so easy to use simply add the environmentally friendly gum removal solution, switch on and remove gum.

The on-board computer system then controls the temperature and flow of fluid, leaving the operator free to concentrate on removing the gum.

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Gum Ranger Challenger Gum Removal Machine

Spinaclean are proud to introduce their innovative and ground breaking maintenance free battery powered “GUM RANGER CHALLENGER” that is taking the cleaning world by storm.

The CHALLENGER is completely battery powered using dry steam and in its unique pre-mixed 10 litre tank, an environmentally friendly gum removal detergent derived from a sugar surfactant to dissolve discarded gum on contact.

One full battery charge will supply enough power for your average day shift and running costs are as little at £2 per hour, removing up to 500 pieces of unsightly gum in that time

Proudly manufactured in Great Britain, the “GUM RANGER CHALLENGER” features a tough and robust stainless steel body, with locking castors and with a flashing operating light is completely silent during operation, there are no cables, there is no noise pollution and it can be used with no danger or interference to the General Public in any weather conditions.

Gum ranger Challenger Specifications:-

  • Power Supply 2 x 12v Cell Battery 125AH
  • Net Weight 89Kg
  • Shipping Weight 99Kg
  • Vaporisation Chamber Capacity 10ml
  • Max Vaporisation Chamber Temperature 140°C
  • Autonomy Up to 6 hours
  • Output Self Regulated
  • Machine Dimensions (WxDxH) 58cm x 107cm x 84cm



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