Algo Bio Inhibitor

Algo bio inhibitor is a non hazardous ready to use product that effectively removes and inhibits future growth of algae, organic growth on a multitude of surfaces including driveways, patios, fences, decking, and conservatories.


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Algo bio inhibitor can be applied using a brush or low pressure sprayer once applied it starts killing of the algae, the dead algae is then washed away by the rain it also has the added benefits of forming an invisible film on the surface that will inhibit the growth of future bacteria and micro organisms, as well as unpleasant organic odours for up to 3 years.

Packed in 5 litre containers, the coverage rates are approx 30 square metres per 5 litres.

Always test a small area first.

If you are a trade inquiry please get in touch with the office for a trade price list.


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