3 Metre Suction Hose

3 Metre Suction Hose with Filter


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Key Features:
This 3 Metre Suction Hose is a must have for anyone using a commercial grade pressure washing system. Allowing the user to use a static body of water, such as a bucket of water, to be used as a source for pressure washer systems – it helps you avoid the need for access to running taps.

  • Allows water to be taken from a static source
  • Stops dirt, grit and damaging particles from entering the pressure pump
  • Improves the longevity of pressure washer and surface cleaners
  • One way water valve with filter, to keep water clear from dirt and debris

Ideal For:

  • Taking water form a static source when there is no access to running water


  • Size/Length: 3 Metres
  • Connection: Hose Lock Tap Connector


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