SkyScraper Head & Blades Plus Elite Multi Connector

Turn your SkyVac Elite Suction Poles into a robust Roof Cleaning Tool with the brand new Elite Multi Connector. The connector has been specially designed to fit into SkyVac Elite Suction Poles. Simply slot the connector onto the SkyVac Elite Suction Poles screw on the SkyScraper Head with chosen blade and effectively remove moss from roofs up to 40ft from the ground. The SkyScraper is the UK’s most efficient moss removal system, eliminating the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss. *Elite Pole Suction Poles not included

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The Elite Multi Connector has been specially designed to fit into the SkyVac Elite Suction Poles (to be purchased separately.) Simply chose your blade to suit roof profile, attach to SkyScraper Head, screw the head into the Multi Connector and slot the connector into the SkyVac Elite Suction Poles.

Position the SkyScraper head at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss from all types of roof designs up to 40ft from the ground. The SkyVac Elite Suction Poles offer great rigidity for effective and quick moss removal.

Key Features of SkyScraper Package:

  • Easy to use locking mechanism to swap blades over quickly
  • Adjustable crank to suit gradient of roof
  • Adjustable multi-directional head to suit the roof angle and to allow moss removal from dormer window roofs
  • Now includes the NEW SkyScraper Bag to keep your roof cleaning tools organised! In SkyScraper blue, the compact bag will have oyu arriving to each site looking prepered and professional.

Why remove moss from roofs?

Apart from being very unsightly, moss on roofs also affects the drainage of rainwater away from the roof. Moss can impede the flow of water on route to the gutter, and also fall into guttering systems, inhibiting the flow of water away from the property. Water will always find its way past an obstacle invariably causing the gutters to overflow, and can in turn cause very expensive damp repairs on homes.

Included as standard:

  • SkyScraper Head
  • Elite Multi Connector
  • Selection of Eleven Blades for a variety of roof tile profiles
  • SkyScraper Bag


  • Elite Connector Tool: Length: 165mm, Weight: 50 grams
  • SkyScraper Head with Blade: 400 grams

Effectively removing moss from roofs, up to 40ft high, all from the safety of the ground


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