skyVac Premium Clamped External Pole Set

Elevate you gutter cleaning game with these NEW Premium 44mm Clamped Poles! Ideal for upgrading from the push fit pole system to a clamped pole system, this package has everything you need to make gutter cleaning easier than ever.


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The clamped feature of the Premium 44mm Poles ensures an easier assembly, and in the Winter months can make dismantling simpler if grit or mud have entered the poles. These ultralight poles are made from a carbon fibre hybrid, and weight only 330g per pole!

Compatible with the skyVac Mighty Atom, this External Suction Pole Package includes a selection of end tools to tackle every gutter cleaning project efficiently and effectively! It also comes with a Vac Release Conversion Cuff for greater control over the suction power!

Key Features:

  • Comes with the new Premium Clamped Poles (topped with one push-fit suction pole).
  • Secure Clamping Mechanism- Clamps Lock Rigid Poles In Place
  • Strong and Lightweight Carbon Fibre Hybrid Suction Poles
  • A Range of Accessories to Meet Most Gutter Cleaning Needs

Included As Standard:

  • 3/5/7 x Premium Poles (Depending on Package Chosen)
  • 1 x Push Fit Poles
  • 3 x Gutter Cleaning End Tools (Crevice End Tool, Standard Dirft Breaker, Daily End Tool)
  • 2 x Flexi Necks
  • 1 x Vac to Hose Cuff 50-51mm / Hose to Pole 50-44 Cuff
  • 2 x silicone neck tool holders (135 & 180 Degree Blue Flexi Neck Tool Holder
  • 1 x Round Brush
  • 1 x Vac Release Conversion Cuff1 x skyVac Branded Pole Carry Bag
  • 1 x skyVac Branded Hose Carry Bag


  • Material: Carbon Fibre Hybrid
  • Diameter: 44 mm
  • Length: 1.5 Metres
  • Weight: 330g

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4 Pole Package (6m/20ft), 6 Pole Package (9m/30ft), 8 Pole Package (12m/40ft)


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