SkyVac Gutter Cleaning Machines

Domestic and commercial – High reach vacuuming up to 12m/40ft reach

Difficult to perform, costly and risky traditional gutter-cleaning has been outclassed by SkyVac’s highly-researched, innovative solutions. Over the years Spinaclean has modified the SkyVac to include unique, high-quality features that are streets ahead of those offered by our ‘competitors’.

  • Reaches up to 40ft from ground with one operative
  • Costs to hire expensive plant are eliminated
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides a safer, cleaner, environment 

Carbon Fibre Technology

Our carbon fibre pole sets are made of advanced, ultra-light weight and extremely strong material, most often found in aerospace equipment and super cars. Although, like all advanced technology, it is finding it’s way into more and more applications.

Quality and manufacturing cost is measured by carbon fibre content and SkyVac poles have the maximum. Our new SkyVac ‘Elite‘ gutter cleaning poles have the lightest weight-to-size ratio on the gutter cleaning market at only 186 grams per metre, as well as improved rigidity, especially at 40ft from the ground.

Worlds most powerful...

…free standing, advanced professional gutter cleaning equipment & high reach vacuuming system

Fitted as standard with our new Side Glide Entrance. Eliminate time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines.

Our unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than it’s nearest rival.